Promatic Asset & Workforce Tracking


The ultimate solution for asset and workforce tracking

Are you losing equipment every year? Do you want to know when your employees arrive at or leave a job site? Increase workforce efficiency and ensure accurate billing with Promatic Asset & Workforce Tracking. Promatic's revolutionary technology provides you with a dynamic workforce tracking solution that is easy to use and completely cloud-based. No human input necessary - Promatic does the work, saving you time and money. 

Whether you have thousands of workforce members and assets, or just a handful, the Promatic Asset & Workforce Tracking system ensures everything is accounted for with no upfront costs and one small monthly fee.


Powerful Technology

Eliminate human error and let technology do the work. Promatic's cloud-based system lets you access and manage your assets and workforce from anywhere.


Powerful Tracking

Track the location and movement of your personnel with precise, to the minute, site arrival and departure times.


Powerful Timesavings

Produce accurate job information for your assets and workers at the click of a button. No more missed billings, lost items or wasted time.


Avoid costly asset loss

Promatic Trackers link your assets to any smartphone device allowing you to track them wherever they are in real time.


Tracking your assets has never been so easy

  • Download the Promatic Asset & Workforce Tracking app to your existing mobile device.
  • Attach a Promatic Tracker to any asset.
  • Sync the Tracker to your app.
  • Track and manage your assets and workforce by location, date, and time.

Tag it. Track it. Done!


Beauty in its simplicity

Once a location is loaded, a geofence is automatically created and all resources that enter and leave the site are recorded and reported on in real time. Promatic's accurate time-keeping and ease of use means massive cost savings and dramatic productivity enhancements for your business.


Automatically geofence all locations of interest.


Adjust the size of the geofence to meet your needs.


Track your vehicles by the minute for less than $2 per month.


View the location of all assets and workforce in real time.


Export reports and data for use elsewhere (payroll, billing, etc).


Receive notification when an asset is left on-site.

The only complete asset and workforce tracking solution